Surprise! Message in a box
5 balloons in a hand-painted box

Be original and send Mylar ballons in a closed hand-painted box.
Can you imagine how surprised the recipient will be?
We have a variety of Mylar balloons to choose from, to match many occasions. For graduation, I love you,
new baby, best wishes and more. This balloon gift can be shipped across Canada. We also have Spanish balloons.

  • The messenger is a multi-coloured box
  • Box painted by local artist
  • Box size: 18" x 18" x 24"
  • 46cm x 46cm x 60cm
  • The message is in the box - (MIB)
  • This time it's 5 Mylar balloons
  • Flexible balloon messages
  • "Floragramme" greeting card

Product Code: MIL 5 balloons

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